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Media Psychology

Media Psychology

Media Psychology is the study of media effects on human thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. This new branch of psychology is revolutionizing the understanding of why people think what they think and do what they do in our media-rich world.

Every communication is mediated in some way. Whether through "traditional media" - TV, radio, film, print, billboards, telephone, and speech, or in other ways - the 'net, Blackberry, viral media, interactive media, architecture, iPod, email, texting, and others - every communication goes through something on the way from the content producer to the receiver.

And the people on the receiving end do their own interpretation, depending on the medium through which the message is delivered, and according to their own world-view - the way they've come to understand reality through exposure to culture, media, and personal experience.

As every media professional knows, it can be hit or miss when trying to understand or predict how people will behave when exposed to any particular message in any particular medium.

Media Psychology uses the social science tools of psychology to understand media interactions and subsequent behavior.

As Media Psychologists, we apply cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, existential, phenomenological, motivational and sometimes even spiritual points of view, building on centuries of human science and philosophy.

This gives us unprecedented clarity in understanding how and why people do what they do - and how to make our messages relevent to them.

Media Psychology gives us insights into which medium is appropriate for which messages, and how information design affects persuasion and purchase. It allows us to understand what's really going on in people's minds - even when they themselves don't know.

Media Psychology informs our research and our consulting work.

The benefit to you?

Smarter research. Better information.

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