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BrandSphere Hypnosis Research

Imagine if you could get to the heart of human behavior. Imagine the power of knowing what really motivates people to act… and what the brand experience they co-create is really like. BrandSphere Hypnosis Research makes this easy.

The human mind is a storehouse of information – every thought, every event, every emotion, and every association ever experienced or created by a person lives on in the mind.

But most of these are locked away in the subconscious – and cognitive psychology tells us the conscious mind can only recall or process seven (±2) information blocks at a time. More often than not, these other things only bubble up when the mind is relaxed and thinking of something else.

This explains why most of us aren’t very good at Jeopardy, and why we can only remember the name of the movie we saw last night later, when we’re no longer trying to tell our friends about it.

The inability to recall these associations and memories in the conscious state makes traditional interview and focus group research a real challenge. Traditional qualitative research is based on conscious responses to questions posed by the investigators. The respondents work valiantly to identify the associations, the emotions, and the linkages between their brand experiences and their behaviors or projected behaviors.

But too much information is hidden, even from themselves. And so the picture is incomplete.

But now imagine you can easily get to the underlying motivators of behavior – the emotions and associations that live in the subconscious. Imagine how important it is to know what really goes on under the surface – to truly understand the connections that cause people to act.

Imagine the strategic advantage of understanding what makes people choose one brand over another, and why certain brand attributes are important and others aren’t. Imagine the importance of knowing which types of media work, and for what reasons.

BrandSphere Hypnosis Research does exactly this. Bypassing the barrier between conscious and subconscious thought, we gain directed access to what makes people tick – in their own words, as they reify, revisit and relive those important associations.

And then, building on what these explorations reveal, your strategy is more directed, more informed, and more effective.

BrandSphere Hypnosis Research – building the foundation for relational engagement.

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